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We are an accredited vendor for certified laboratory equipment and genuine research chemicals synthesised from only accredited laboratories.

At ResearchChemicals.biz we understand the necessity of contaminant free chemicals when using our products to fulfil research worthy of publication. This is why we only stock chemicals from laboratories who have been tried and tested.

Unlike many other chemical vendors we offer high definition images of all our products, for scientists to inspect. We believe it is very important for all visible attributes to be seen in HD. We never use stock images! 

We have a simple but important “no hassle” philosophy: You want a product…..we want to sell it! Simply put, we want your custom so we offer a robust no hassle service to make sure everything is done properly.

This is the service you will get:

  • Only PURE laboratory tested products – NO compromises.
  • Fast Communication – 90% of emails answered within 12 hours!
  • SAME DAY – dispatch when ordered before 3pm – Every Time!
  • Price Match Guarantee – on EVERYTHING.

Top Quality Products

We are very proud to be not only the first and official supplier of N-Ethyl-norKetamine but also many other new chemicals which are in the pipe line. ResearchChemicals.biz acquire all product from accredited R&D laboratories who have shown a consistent reputation for not only pure chemicals but novel chemicals unknown to the world previously. We buy in bulk, so we can supply basic research students with a small amount but also wholesale quantities of research chemicals for other online vendors or large research projects.

Our team carry out full Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) on all chemicals we provide. This enables us to be confident in the purity of all our chemicals, as we know that this is of utmost importance to any scientific research.

ResearchChemicals.biz own dedicated machinery enabling us to mix, purify and produce solid, uniformly distributed pelleted and powdered research chemicals ready for packaging and distribution, direct from our warehouse. We also own industrial mixing machinery to ensure all powders are uniform in consistency.

We pride ourselves in maintaining an aseptic environment to provide laboratory grade chemicals. All employees wear protective clothing and hair nets.

Many vendors sell branded research chemicals, containing a random proprietary blend with no information on the actually chemicals inside! This is simply not acceptable for legitimate researchers performing laboratory tests.

We have noticed many customers switching to us from other commercial vendors due to the lack of support, quality information and general  lack of care for customers. We take pride in return customers and this is why we always get positive feedback from customers world wide.