About us

We are different

ResearchChemicals.biz are very proud to be one of very few worldwide accredited research chemical suppliers! Unlike other research chemical vendors we are dedicated to set ourselves apart by offering a completely transparent, informative and trustworthy service. We have made it our duty and general philosophy to describe every single product in extreme scientific detail AND in an easy-to-understand layman’s term to allow all researchers whether professional institutions or otherwise to conduct only the highest quality informed experiments. We also offer links in our descriptions to informational sites such as Wikipedia to ensure a full understanding of every aspect of a specific research chemical. All products include high quality images so researchers can inspect each powder or pellet in detail before purchase

We generally try to keep away from the recent surge of ignorant, money hungry vendors who offer a very basic, often deceitful service. Unlike other research chemical vendors, it has been easy for ResearchChemicals.biz as we have never pursued expensive marketing strategies, most of our customers found us through positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Customer Service & Recorded Shipping

Since the beginning ResearchChemicals.biz have been determined to separate ourselves from others and to offer an accredited world class customer service; which is why we are the only research chemical vendor to offer 12 hour email responses over 90% of the time, 365 days of the year! Furthermore, we are happy to inform customers of scientific details regarding any old or novel chemical by having certain queries answered by our onsite certified Bio-Chemist.

To ensure all customers receive their chemicals in a timely and secure manner, we offer a recorded delivery method via Royal Mail, with the tracking number provided same day as purchase. We also offer many other domestic and international tracked and non-tracked methods of shipping, with all order being despatched same day if ordered before 3pm GMT. All product are shipped in a discreet small padded envelope with a zip lock bag further sealed within an aluminium heat sealed pouch.

Why We Are Different – Purity | Dedicated Machinery | Unique Chemical Knowledge & Discovery.

We have set ourselves apart with the simple philosophy to only sell accredited research chemicals with absolute purity being of paramount importance. ResearchChemicals.biz offer exactly what we advertise, not only providing super-fast global shipping but also certified laboratory grade research chemicals. Unlike others, ResearchChemicals.biz sell to officially licensed research institutions, this is why we simply cannot sell research chemicals containing any impurities. ResearchChemicals.biz understand that only pure chemicals can be used in peer reviewed global research publications, as such, ORC always make the content of each pellet completely transparent, this is why you will see all fillers and binders clearly outlined in any pellet listings. Our pellets and powders are mixed and pressed using our own dedicated machinery, this is why we undercut the competition by eliminating the middle man and can offer a site wide price match guarantee*! Due to the inconsistency among unscrupulous vendors we have noticed huge numbers of customers switching to us as they prefer our quality of product and service, safe in the knowledge they can always buy research chemicals from us with 100% confidence.