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Fluorenol – Is It The Alternative To Modafinil?

  • Fluorenol – Is It The Alternative To Modafinil?

    Categorised as a eugeroic (a stimulant increasing alertness), fluorenol could be the new alternative to modafinil.

    The manufacture of eugeroics is intended to increase alertness without the side effects, addiction, or potential for abuse of other typical stimulants. The bio-pharmaceutical company known as Cephalon carried out a study with the aim of finding a replacement for the anti-narcoleptic drug modafinil. The company’s study claimed that modafinil, which is currently available from online modafinil pharmacies, contained the active metabolite 9-fluorenol – one of very few metabolites within the compound. The study interestingly claimed that 9-fluorenol alone is 39% more effective as a eugeroic than modafinil itself.

    Derived from fluorine, 9-fluorenol is an alcohol, with the hydroxyl group located on the carbon which connects two rings of benzene. Hydroxyfluorene can be oxidised to produce fluorenone, a compound not toxic or carcinogenic for humans.

    9-fluorenol weakly inhibits the dopamine transporter’s action. It is reportedly weaker at this than prescription drug modafinil because of its inhibitory concentration. This is the concentration needed to inhibit certain biological processes. 9-fluorenol’s inhibitory concentration is reported to be 9M (IC50) – 59% less than modafinil even though 9-fluorenol is a stronger eugeroic. However, the weaker inhibitory concentration means 9-fluorenol is less addictive than modafinil.

    9-fluorenol, unlike modafinil, has no affinity for 2C19. This is an enzyme from the complex cytochrome P450, an oxidase system with a variety of functions.

    On the market, fluorenol is currently significantly cheaper than modafinil, ranging from 10 to 100 USD per kilo. Modafinil, on the other hand, is 428.45 USD for 100mg (30 tablets) or 614.75 USD for 200mg (30 tablets). This makes modafinil far less affordable than fluorenol, which could not only be better than modafinil in terms of pharmacology but economically too.

    The Pros of Fluorenol

    ·       Fluorenol is not toxic for humans

    ·       It is affordable

    ·       It isn’t known to be carcinogenic

    ·       It does not cause addiction

    The Cons of Fluorenol

    ·       The effects of taking fluorenol over a long period of time are unknown because of the compound’s novelty

    ·       There is a lack of animal-testing

    ·       Fluorenol’s effectiveness is still contested amongst scientists

    Because of a lack of clinical testing, information concerning fluorenol is scarce. Despite this, from the information that does exist about fluorenol it is safe to say that it could be a considerably better alternative to modafinil.

    At a much less expensive price, fluorenol is a new option for you whenever you need to stay awake.


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